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Global Reports – Think of new ideas such as hotel food and drinks, and options to go and Instagrammable moments are expected to attract attention in 2019, but there is still room for the traditional seat-down dining experience. The way guests want to take food is a little different for each guest, and the hotels look for as much as possible to fill them. Greg Griffy, SVP of food and beverage at Davidson Hotel and Resorts, said via email that “real-time restaurants that create Instagrammable experiences are far more relevant.” Meanwhile, he said, “Without generic grading-non-game markets, there will be fewer sales without a specific story or point of view.” Teddy Bournaklal, director of Aruba Marriott Resorts and Stellaris Casino F & B, says there are many demands for grade-o-go food options in her hotel. “Our guests want fast food choices that they can enjoy more time outside the beach and the pool,” he said via email. “Based on this tendency, we have recently started to catch and eat a healthy breakfast dish as an overnight chestnut bowl and aka bowl in our Gelato and Co. Outlet.”

Creating an experience through F & B in 2019 will be important and how it will be done depends on the hotel, location, and target audience. Click here to read the ways to create F & B ideas for hotels, markets, guest-friendly ideas Griffy said the guest systems are searching for local and non-local experiences that they are trustworthy, and they are willing to spend more for that experience. He said, “Coffee and morning restaurants and cafes are not only in their design, but they will become more efficient in coffee and food alternatives.” Barounkal said that guests of Aruba Marriott want high-quality food made from fresh, local ingredients. He said, “It is important to create the experience of the guests, where they leave the restaurant with a unique story to know their friends and family and take memorable memories of their visit.” “Although our restaurant is located in our hotel, we will be able to create a wonderful experience for our guests that they will find in a successful freestanding restaurant environment.” Sgp of Scott Zijarich, Kempton Hotel, and Restaurant restaurants and bars, while talking about the background and stories of guests while dining at the hotel restaurant. They want to learn the main ingredient of their food, from there and know about the farmer about the farm, he said.

Restaurant technology
The hotel industry is trying to innovate each part of the hotel experience, which includes the restaurant. Thus, Hotel F & B technology is becoming increasingly important. Grand Cayman’s writ-Carlton F & B director, Mario Spirito, said that her hotel is “continuously developing and inventing our restaurant experience”. “Technology gives us the opportunity to be more visible while displaying menu items and services, and it is something we use in our guest experience by displaying our digital screens menu and using more imagery to choose from our recommendations for guests.”. He said, rights-Carlton, Grand Cayman restaurants also benefit from online reservation platforms, making it easy for guests to make their dining experience easy from mobile devices. Hornbuckle said that his hotel seems to be the “first runner” on the island in the latest innovative implementation. He said, “At this moment, we are working to launch a service button for beach beaches and visitors around the pool area, which they can use at any time if needed for server support.” “This will give our staff the opportunity to improve the guest experience and work more efficiently.” Off-prime delivery by services such as Green Hub or Uber It’s also increased, says Zizi. More hotels are preparing food and they are being distributed in such a way that those who want to enjoy the quality of the restaurant, sitting in front of the Netflix, provide food to them.

Hotel restaurant layout
At some hotels, the restaurants are integrated with the lobby and others think of multiple restaurants. Griffy said that the emerging trend is for the restaurant in the hotel, which is a mix of both. “Guests will start looking at the hotel’s more unique restaurant recommendations, more food-style styles, and the public, quick, casual experiences.” “Some will be grab-and-replace replacements; Some guests will experience various elements of food and taste without valuable point points and classic server experience.”Rick Ekkabas, the Cooking Director of Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, said, “Usually the hotel lobby and the hotel restaurant which will fit in all the boxes will be wasted.” “I think small intimate concepts and relatively low investment will reign with certain offers, requirements can be taken quickly and will change quickly if necessary”, he said via email.

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